Complete IT Asset Recovery Services

Our goal is to offer a program that provides efficient and timely pickups and proactive communication. Upon arrival at our facilities, all assets are stored and secured until processing begins.


Why We Are A Trusted Resource for Your IT Asset Recovery

We work with asset recovery projects of all sizes!
At E-Scrap Solutions, we are a versatile and comprehensive operation that is a trusted IT Recycler working with both local and national area companies and organizations, throughout the country. Our goal is to get the most value for your antiquated IT equipment. We work with asset recovery projects of all sizes, big and small, and provide you with complete customer satisfaction for your recovery needs.
We provide cost-effective IT asset recovery services designed for safe and secure end-of-life or obsolete tech equipment, while providing our customers with the maximum ROI on IT assets. IT recovery is something we fulfill for a wide range of industries across the country including, but not limited to:

Meeting the Highest Industry Standards You Can Depend On

Our company has been on the forefront of meeting and has achieved the certifications of Responsible Recycling (R2: 2013) and the RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standard) standards that maintains conformance with the QEH&S Management Systems. Our aim is to have a positive impact on the environment through the recycling of materials, components, and all end-of-life computers and electronic equipment.
Depend on E-Scrap Solutions to Meet the Highest Industry Standards:

IT Asset Recovery That Delivers Accountability You Can Trust

Not all technology recyclers are the same. At E-Scrap Solutions, we provide a complete asset chain of custody to ensure total satisfaction and compliance. We can provide your company with complete documentation of serial numbers for all recovered IT assets and electronic equipment. We also include an Excel spreadsheet that inventories assets received. An additional service we provide is hard drive destruction that guarantees your company’s data will not be compromised or fall into the wrong hands.

We evaluate any re-use potential of equipment that can maximize the value of the IT equipment as well. Our team of experts can provide consultation services to determine the value of your assets, in the event you are uncertain about their recycling potential.

Find out additional options for IT Asset Recovery Services from E-Scrap Solutions so we can provide your company with the best ROI on your obsolete IT equipment.

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