Computer & Electronics Recycling


We Recycle Your Company's Obsolete Computers & Electronics

E-Scrap Solutions is your one source for Computer & Electronics Recycling. As a leading computer and electronic recycler we provide a full disassembly line for end-of-life products.

Computer and Electronics Recycling

Computer and Electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life”, many of these products can be reused, or refurbished. Computers and electronics that have no re-use or refurbishment value will be dismantled or shredded

We Accept the Following IT Items for Recycling

The concentration of toxic or hazardous materials found within these products suggests that recycling is environmentally beneficial and cost effective. E-waste is a serious environmental concern.
E-Scrap Solutions is able to provide a turn-key solution that addresses your interest in responsibly recycling all of your IT equipment.
You can be assured that all assets recovered will be recycled securely, safe and in an environmentally friendly way.