Complete Hard Drive Shredding Services

To prevent data theft only hard drive shredding can provide complete peace of mind that your data is 100% completely destroyed.


Only Shredding of Your Hard Drives Offers 100% Data Destruction

Wiping and deleting data from your hard drives does not necessarily mean the information is completely removed. It has been shown that many Hard Drives which have been wiped of their information still may contain data left on the drives.
When faced with the disposal of IT assets containing Hard drives, shredding is the only real way to ensure this data will not be compromised. IT recovery is something we fulfill for a wide range of industries across the country including, but not limited to:
E-Scrap Solutions hard drive shredding can be performed at the customers location. In addition, customers can view the physical destruction of the hard drives or this can also be videotaped at your request. Whether it’s completed on-site or at E-Scrap Solutions’ facilities, we also provide a certificate of destruction as additional evidence of our process.

Not Having Hard Drive Data Shredding Puts Your Information at Risk

In this age of data breaches, storage of information is critical, but equally as important is its disposal and destruction.

Oftentimes, companies will send old computers and hard drives to a storage room or closet. We strongly recommend against this practice because it exposes companies to enormous risk. Theft and data breaches most often happen from a source within a company through this easy access.

No matter how sure a company may be that its data is wiped off its hard drives, hackers can find tools to capture the information. With data wiping, something can be missed. Hard Drive Shredding is the only form of data destruction that is 100 percent fool proof.

Why Choose E-Scrap Solutions For Your Hard Drive Data Destruction?

The cost to shred and destroy data is far less than the consequences of data theft. E-Scrap Solutions is the superior solution because we offer:

What are the Steps to Work with Us?

First Step

We prepare a customized quote based on your project needs.

Second Step

We schedule the pick-up or on-site shredding of your hard drives.

Third Step

We arrive per our schedule and complete the shredding procedure.

Fourth Step

We can provide video and certification of your device destruction.