Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction, Deleting files on a hard drive DOES NOT remove the actual data. It removes the pointer to the file and indicates that the disk space is free, but anyone can access this data with the right software and know how.

E-Scrap Solutions provides the service of corporate data destruction which entails the overwriting of hard disk drives (HDD) or physical destruction in compliance with most HIPAA, RFPA, GLB and DoD 5220.22M recommended processes. A certificate of recycling/destruction is issued for all equipment processed.

Our data destruction services will permanently delete information making it impossible to recover. We use the highest standards available, meeting the standards of DOD5220.22M (US Department of Defense standard for data sanitization).

In most cases, we physically and completely destroy hardware by automated shredding. Whichever process requested gives you, our customer, peace of mind that any information stored is permanently unrecoverable. If a process is not specified by the customer, our standards and practices dictate that we physically render the hard drive.

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