Asset Recovery

When disposing of electronics it is important to know the value of your equipment. In some cases, such value can be substantial. Most recycling facilities will offer to take your used computers and other electronics, often at your expense.

E-Scrap Solutions often gives money back to its customers, or covers the fees associated with recycling electronics. Contact us today and we will custom design a plan that will maximize your return. Some computers, laptops, monitors or flat panels in working condition, hold significant resale value and corporate management may look to sell their equipment in order to get some sort of return from their initial investment. E-Scrap Solutions "partners" with company's to assess the potential resale value of equipment. Our experience and large client base worldwide, allows us to ensure prompt resale of tested used equipment.

The process covers an agreed to in advance fixed minimal fee to our customers (to cover on site pick up of equipment, listing inventory, testing, and taking to market to sell). We then "partner" and share the proceeds of sales with our customers keeping in line with our pre-arranged agreement.

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